I wrote this post just to confuse you. Fact is, I’ve already confused you so there’s nothing to lose. :) No seriously, if you can get past the headline, it’ll start making sense.

Today you’re going to learn how to trash your blog and start a newsletter, in four steps.

But first, what’s a newsletter? A newsletter is a tool of communication, in which content is sent out regularly via email to people who have signed up for it. This email can contain all types of media – text, images, voice, and videos. Newsletters were originally operated and sent by companies, but Web 2.0 has enabled small individuals to start their own newsletters, and they’re growing increasingly popular. Yep, artists are starting to use newsletters too.

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Can we organize a new Putney group?

Well, the free paintings idea has been fun. Not a lot of engagement, but fun. That being said, good things are coming out of this. In an email exchange, Susan Klabak told me this: Okay, you’ve got my attention. I do facebook but not on twitter yet…hey I really don’t want another place to maintain, [...]

Two artists you want to pay attention to

There are many artists these days. Painting is the number one pastime for retired seniors in the United States. It’s occupying the minds of literally millions of people as you read this. When you think about Robert Henri’s words, this isn’t surprising: The object of painting a picture is not to make a picture – [...]

Sure you need a site AND a blog?

A shift has occurred. It’s happened so slowly that it’s gone unnoticed, but as the fog clears it’s slowly dawning on you. The shift has to do with blogs, and how you show people your paintings. In the early days of computers and the Internet, everything was static. If you wanted to change something on [...]

Plein air painting over the Grand Canyon

You’ve probably heard of the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art group that meets each September at the Grand Canyon. This year, 28 of the nation’s finest plein air artists participated in the Plein Air on the Rim event. You probably weren’t there when that happened. I wasn’t either.